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Ermewa Group is a European leader for industrial railcars and tank containers leasing services. As such Ermewa Group  specialises in designing, optimising and managing strategic assets for the global supply chain, helping customers become more efficient in their core activities.

With operation throughout Europe for railcars and worldwide for tank containers, Ermewa Group offers local expertise to a world of customers from industries as diverse as steel, energy, chemical, construction, mining, agribusiness, foodstuffs and transportation.

With a wealth of experience in the technical management of railcar fleets, Ermewa Group prides itself in its technical expertise, economical optimization and safety record.

The stated goals of Ermewa Group are to :

  • Further optimise railway transportation in partnership with customers;
  • Guarantee performance and innovation of the railcars in line with customer’s requirements;
  • Continue to work on insuring optimal safety of railcars throughout Europe.


Rental of industrial, agribusiness and civil work railcars
Leasing of tank containers and small portable tanks
Maintenance, construction and repair


The customers of the Ermewa Group belong to the following industries:

  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Steel
  • Agribusiness
  • Foodstuffs
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Cosmetic
  • Transportation


The headquarters of Ermewa Group are in Paris.
The group is present in 21 countries worldwide, including Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania…

Eurotainer is present as well in Houston, St Petersburg, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Tianjin, Brisbane and in Sao Paolo.


The Ermewa Group has over 750 employees, in 34 establishments.


David Zindo-Imbault CEO
Etienne Fallou CFO
Stéphane Gavard Technical Manager
Agathe Marie Legal & Insurance Director
Caroline Tomkevitch HR Director
Peter Reinshagen Managing Director
BU Railcars
Vincent Martin Managing Director
BU Containers
Julien Mathiaud Managing Director
BU Workshops


Turnover 486 M€



Laurent Trévisani
Josef Küttel


Michèle Costafrolaz Bernard Guillelmon
Bénédicte Levinson Arnaud Belveau-Jean 
Véronique Piegts Valérie Sagnol
1956 Creation of ERMEWA SA: transport of wine in railcars
1970 Acquisition of the company LEDUC SA (transport, transit, storage of wine products)
1971 Opening of an office in Paris
1978 Reorganization of the maritime activity, partnership with other shipping companies
1980 to 1995 Strong external growth through acquisitions of companies and businesses in the railway field
1981 Investment in industrial railcars : acquisition of a fleet of 1.000 railcars in France
1989 Takeover of the SATI group: acquisition of 10.000 railcars
1991 Acquisition of the ARBEL fleet (1.100 railcars for the transport of industrial dry bulk)
Privatisation of the fleet Deutsche Reichsbahn: acquisition of 2.500 railcars
1992 SNCF takes an interest of 10% in the company ERMEWA France
Acquisition of the COMPAGNIE AUXILIAIRE DU MIDI (railcars for cereals and sugar, tank containers, port installations)
1996 Acquisition of the fleet of railcars for cereals and sugar of the BRAMBLES Group
1998 SNCF increases its interest in ERMEWA France to 33,2%
1999 SNCF Participations holds 45% of ERMEWA Holding Genève
2000 Creation of the logistics departments: ERMEFRET France, ERMEFRET Italy and CHEMFREIGHT Vienna (JV OEBB – ERMEWA)
Creation of EUROTAINER (JV BRAMBLES – ERMEWA tank container)
2001 Creation of the logistics departments: ERMEFRET Germany, ERMEFRET Belgium and ERMEFRET Netherlands
2003 Creation of ERMEWA Iberica
IPES acquires the majority of the ERMEWA Group (50,4%)
Financière ERMEWA SA: new holding of the Group
Sale of the shipping activity of the Group
2005 The ERMEWA Group now holds 100% of EUROTAINER
2007 LBO 2
2010 SNCF – GEODIS holds 100% of ERMEWA Group
2016 Reorganization of the railcars business unit under a single brand: ERMEWA
60th anniversary of ERMEWA
2017 Reorganization of the tank containers business activity: CCR (small & medium tank containers – IBC) is sold to a third party
2018 Rebranding of the workshops’ division into INVEHO and extention from 4 to 6 workshops
Acquisition of  TAYLOR MINSTER LEASING: +4.400 tank containers
Joint venture with AMSTED DIGITAL SOLUTION, providing end-to-end telematics plateform for ERMEWA’s digitalization initiatives
2019 ERMEWA acquires the railcar fleet of MACQUARIE EUROPEAN RAIL (+600 railcars)
Acquisition of RAFFLES LEASE (14.500 tank containers)