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Your first choice in transport asset leasing
Ermewa Group is a European leader for industrial railcars and tank containers leasing services. As such Ermewa Group  specialises in designing, optimising and managing strategic assets for the global supply chain, helping customers become more efficient in their core activities. With operation throughout Europe for railcars and worldwide for tank containers, Ermewa Group offers local expertise to a world of customers from industries as diverse as steel, energy, chemical, construction, mining, agribusiness, foodstuffs and transportation. With a wealth of experience in the technical management of railcar fleets, Ermewa Group prides itself in its technical expertise, economical optimization and safety record. The stated goals of Ermewa Group are to :
  • Further optimise railway transportation in partnership with customers;
  • Guarantee performance and innovation of the railcars in line with customer’s requirements;
  • Continue to work on insuring optimal safety of railcars throughout Europe.