Our values

For a responsible commitment combined with respect or our partners


  • We comply with laws and regulations
  • We actively manage risks in accordance with sustainable development principles and act in favour of greater environmental responsibility by reducing the overall impact of the transport industry on the planet
  • We respect personal commitments provided they do not involve the Group
  • We do not tolerate corruption nor encourage illicit practices


  • We are representatives of the commitment and values of the Group
  • We believe in free competition and respect our competitors
  • We do not accept gifts and advantages that would create a situation of obligation
  • We act properly and in an appropriate manner with our customers providing quality, fairness and confidentiality where appropriate
  • We confer importance to our partners sharing our ethical principles


  • We contribute to the enhancement of the Group’s image by sharing the same environmental, social and governance values
  • We develop our business activities responsibly and we stand by our undertakings
  • We communicate reliable, complete and appropriate information concerning our business activity and results
  • We protect confidential documents and data
  • We respect and protect property made available to us
  • We avoid conflicts of interest or situations that may be perceived as such
  • We fulfil our employment contract conscientiously


  • We respect obligations arising from the law, statutes and contracts
  • We respect diversity and condemn all discrimination
  • We promote mutual respect and do not tolerate harassment
  • We encourage our staff to consider the environmental consequences of their actions and seek to minimize the impact where it is reasonable praticable.
  • We maintain a healthy, secure and harmonious working environment
  • We respect the individual and his/her private life
  • We are committed to resources and competencies development and improvement policy
  • We value expertise and support and encourage entrepreneurial spirit

Team Spirit

We foster team spirit

  • We identify ourselves as Ermewa Group and share the same values.
  • We operate as one team with one fleet in each of our business activities.
  • Worldwide, our teams collaborate to ensure the success of our projects.


We know our customers

  • We offer optimized solutions to our customers’ needs.
  • Local contacts are our strength to better address our customers´ requirements.
  • Being close to the market as we actively participate in the evolution of our industry.


Ermewa Group is a trusted and professional partner

  • We deliver on our commitments to various stakeholders.
  • We guarantee the highest standard of service.
  • We empower people to take on challenges.

Technical Expertise

We master technical complexity

  • Our technical expertise brings real added value to our customers.
  • We are committed to delivering tailor-made solutions.
  • We encourage innovative approach.


Our approach is proactive and entrepreneurial

  • We anticipate customer needs and requirements.
  • Response time is one of our key assets.
  • We think « outside the box ».

Sustainable Development

We care for people and the planet

  • Security of our assets and safe environmental practices are our top priorities.
  • We value our employees and contribute to their development.
  • We prioritize long-term strategies and deliver results to our shareholders


A comprehensive view of Ermewa Group’s actions and the following highlights worth emphasizing:

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